WildFly 10.1 is now available!

WildFly 10.1 is officially complete and available for download!

Major new features include:

  • Out of the box HTTP/2 support with no JVM flags required !

  • TLS cert auto-generation

  • Load-balancing profile is now in our default domain.xml config

  • Support for clustering node discovery on Azure (jgroups AZURE_PING)

Additionally there was a massive 324 issues resolved in this release!

Out of the Box HTTP/2 and TLS

Unique to WildFly, is that HTTP/2 now works without any special JVM flags (even on Java 8!), configuration changes, or keystore changes. You simply point your browser at port 8443 and WildFly will automatically generate a self-signed TLS cert for you, and negotiate HTTP/2 if your browser supports it (most do). When you are ready to deploy in production, you simply update the keystore with whatever cert you would like to present to your users.

Load-balancing Profile

In order to make it even easier to get started with load-balancing, we added a profile to the default domain.xml file, called "load-balancer". You can now build a fully clustered topology using just our default profiles in domain mode, creating a server with the "load-balancer" profile, and a set of backend servers using the "full-ha" profile.

Jira Release Notes

The full list of issues resolved is available here.