WildFly 19.0.0.Beta3 with Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 Support

I’m pleased to announce that with today’s WildFly 19.0.0.Beta3 release WildFly supports the Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 platform specifications! The WildFly 19 Beta3 zip is now available for download.

With the January release of WildFly 19 Beta1 we added support for MicroProfile 3.2. Since the MicroProfile 3.3 release was coming in February and the delta from 3.2 wasn’t too extreme we decided to go ahead and delay WildFly 19 a bit and go for MicroProfile 3.3 support. Thanks to some heroic efforts from the WildFly developers and testers and a huge assist from the Smallrye community we’ve been able to get this done. Thank you all, and congratulations on this achievement!

WildFly now provides support for the following MicroProfile specifications:

Specification Version in WildFly 19

MicroProfile Config


MicroProfile Fault Tolerance


MicroProfile Health Check


MicroProfile JWT Authentication


MicroProfile Metrics


MicroProfile OpenAPI


MicroProfile OpenTracing


MicroProfile Rest Client


We also provide all of the MicroProfile specs that are also part of EE 8.

As I noted in my post about the 19.0.0.Beta1 release, WildFly 19 includes three new subsystems to provide the MicroProfile specs that weren’t in WildFly 18: microprofile-fault-tolerance-smallrye, microprofile-jwt-smallrye and microprofile-openapi-smallrye.

We’ve also added two new standard configuration files to help guide users toward server configurations well suited for microservice use cases:

  • standalone-microprofile.xml

    • Provides our MicroProfile platform implementations combined with JAX-RS and technologies JAX-RS applications commonly use to integrate with external services.

  • standalone-microprofile-ha.xml

    • Similar to standalone-microprofile.xml but with support for high availability web sessions and distributed Hibernate second-level caching.

Our other standard config files (e.g. standalone.xml) also include the subsystems needed to support Config, JWT, Health, Metrics, OpenTracing and Rest Client. The inclusion of JWT is new with the Beta 3 release.

On to Final!

We plan to have a pretty short bake period for this beta during which we’ll get a couple more bug fixes in and then we’re shooting for the WildFly 19 Final release in 5 to 10 days.

Enjoy, please give us feedback, and as always, thank you so much for your support of WildFly!