WildFly Bootable JAR 8.1 is released!

The 8.1.0.Final version of the WildFly Bootable JAR Maven plugin has been released.

For people who are not familiar with the WildFly Bootable JAR, I strongly recommend that you read this blog post that covers it in detail.

This plugin version is to be used when building WildFly Bootable JAR for WildFly 27 (that has just been released).

The latest documentation of the plugin can be found here.

New features and examples

JDK11 dependency

When packaging an application with WildFly bootable JAR Maven plugin, JDK11 is now required as the minimal JDK version.

Examples evolved to Jakarta EE 10

The examples have been evolved to depend on Jakarta EE 10 specification that WildFly 27 now supports.

Remote dev watch

Emmanuel Hugonnet described this new feature in this bog post when it was first released in the 8.0.0.Alpha2 plugin release.

Dev watch improvements

Ignore transient files

This enhancement allows you to ignore some file updates that were initiating a repackaging/redeploy of your application. Hidden files and files ending with '~' (generally created by your IDE) are now ignored by default. You can use the plugin option ignorePatterns to ignore more files.

Watch multiple source directories

This enhancement has been reported by the community.

The watcher now looks for directory paths defined in the ${project.compileSourceRoots} property. In case you are using maven-build-helper plugin to add more sources to be compiled, call mvn process-sources wildfly-jar:dev-watch to have the extra source roots to be watched.

Optimized watch of web files

This enhancement has been reported by the community.

Updating html, xhtml, jsp, css files no more implies a redeploy of the application. Any change done to these files is immediately reflected in the deployed application. You can use the web-extensions plugin option in order to identify files that should benefit from this feature.

Deprecation of the Keycloak OIDC client adapters

The WildFly client adapters for keycloak have been deprecated. This blog post covers it in detail.

The usage of the keycloak-adapter-galleon-pack Galleon feature-pack has been replaced by the elytron-oidc-client Galleon layer defined by WildFly. The keycloak example is superseded by the elytron-oidc-client one.

To conclude

Finally we would really appreciate if if you would keep us posted with your feedback and new requirements. (You can log these as new project issues.) This will help us evolve the WildFly Bootable JAR experience in the right direction.


JF Denise