WildFly 28 Beta1 is released!

I’m pleased to announce that the new WildFly and WildFly Preview 28.0.0.Beta1 releases are available for download at https://wildfly.org/downloads.

New and Notable


The biggest changes in WildFly 28 Beta1 relate to the observability space.


Besides the changes in the observability space noted above, there are a couple of important changes in WildFly 28’s MicroProfile support:

  • We’ve added support for MicroProfile LRA via new microprofile-lra-coordinator and microprofile-lra-participant subsystems.

  • Except for MicroProfile Metrics and OpenTracing, which have been removed, we’ve updated our support for the other MicroProfile Platform specifications to the MicroProfile Platform 6 versions.


Other Treats

Release Notes

The full release notes for the release are in the WildFly JIRA. Issues fixed in the numerous underlying WildFly Core 20.0 beta releases are listed in the WildFly Core JIRA.

Please try it out and give us your feedback, while we get to work on WildFly 28 Final! Our goal is for that to be available in mid April.

Best regards,