WildFly 24 Beta1 is released!

I’m pleased to announce that the new WildFly and WildFly Preview 24.0.0.Beta1 releases are available for download at https://wildfly.org/downloads.

Work during the WildFly 24 development cycle has been primarily oriented toward bug fixing, plus the Jakarta EE 9.1 certification work done for WildFly 23.

But I do want to express my special thanks to Sonia Zaldana, a great contributor to WildFly over the past year, who has added three new features in WildFly 24 Beta1:

The other area of focus during this development cycle was improving how WildFly, particularly WildFly Preview, runs on JDK 16 and the early access releases of the next LTS JDK release, JDK 17. There are still some issues to resolve, but WildFly Preview 24 Beta1 runs well enough on the latest JDKs that it’s worthwhile for people interested in what JDK 17 will mean for their application to give it a look.

The release notes for the release are here, with issues fixed in the underlying WildFly Core betas listed here.

Please try it out and give us your feedback, while we get to work WildFly 24 Final!

Best regards,