WildFly Project News

WildFly Bootable JAR is final!

Bootable JAR Maven plugin 2.0.0.Final has been released. Using WildFly 21 you can now build self-contained JAR file to run microservices.

WildFly 21 is released!

I’m excited to announce that the WildFly 21 Final zip is now available for download. Bootable JAR / Galleon Layers The biggest thing in WildFly 21 is Jean-Francois Denise and the team have added GA-level support for the Bootable JAR feature that we’ve been working on over the last two releases. The bootable jar feature allows you to add a maven plugin to your application’s pom and have your build package your application deployment and...

Biased locking removed from Java - does it affect you ?

In Java 15 *biased locking* has been deprecated as per JEP 374. This means the default setting has been switched from enabled to disabled and the plan is to remove support for it from the Java Virtual Machine in a pending release. We need your help seeing if this affects WildFly performance in your application.

Introducing the WildFly MicroProfile GraphQL Feature Pack

I am pleased to announce the 1.0.0.Beta1 release of the MicroProfile GraphQL feature pack for WildFly. It offers experimental support for the MicroProfile GraphQL 1.0 specification, implemented by SmallRye GraphQL. MicroProfile GraphQL - link to the specification. SmallRye GraphQL - link to the underlying implementation. The source code for the feature pack can be found on GitHub. Installing the feature pack For now, the GraphQL support is distributed as a feature pack rather than integrated...