WildFly Project News

WildFly 23.0.1 is released!

WildFly 23.0.1.Final is now available for download. It’s been about a month since the WildFly 23 release, so we’ve done a bug fix update, WildFly 23.0.1. WildFly Preview and Jakarta EE 9.0 The big news in this release is the fact that the WildFly Preview variant of the server passes the TCKs for the Jakarta EE 9.0 Full Platform and the Web Profile. We’ve sent a compatibility certification request for the Full Platform to Eclipse....

WildFly Encrypted Expression Support

A guide to show how to quickly begin using encrypted expressions in WildFly.

Upcoming hash character sets and hash encodings support in Elytron

An overview of the upcoming hash character set and hash encoding support in Elytron Security Realms.

Upcoming SSLContext that supports delegation to alternate instances based on peer information

An overview of the upcoming SSLContext that delegates to alternative instances based on peer's host and port information

Normalize principal propagation/injection across elytron and legacy

An overview of the new configuration option in the EJB subsystem that allows to switch between legacy and elytron principal propagation

Upcoming SSL features: Multiple certificate revocation lists support and SSLv2Hello support

An overview of the upcoming SSL/TLS features including the ability to configure multiple certificate revocation lists and SSLv2Hello support.

New Security Features in WildFly 23

An overview of the new security features in WildFly 23.

WildFly Bootable JAR 4.0 is released!

Bootable JAR Maven plugin 4 has been released.

Upcoming automatic registration of client side default SSLContext

An overview of the upcoming automatic registration of client side JVM wide default SSLContext

WildFly 23 S2I images have been released on quay.io

WildFly 23 S2I Docker images The WildFly S2I (Source-to-Image) builder and runtime Docker images for WildFly 23 have been released on quay.io/wildfly. For a complete documentation on how to use these images using S2I, OpenShift and Docker, refer to the WildFly S2I README. Adding the imagestreams and template to OpenShift At some point the new images will be made available from the OpenShift catalog and image repository. But you can already use these images by...