WildFly 30.0.1 is released!

WildFly 30.0.1.Final is now available for download.

It’s been about five weeks since the WildFly 30 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 30.0.1. This includes an update to WildFly Preview.

The following issues were resolved in 30.0.1:

  • [WFLY-18295] - WildFly vs WildFly Preview document needs update

  • [WFLY-18384] - [CLUSTERING] File containing session data is never shrunk or deleted

  • [WFLY-18533] - Simplest JAXRS app is failing when deployed in server provisioned with jaxrs

  • [WFLY-18702] - In WildFly Preview jaxrs-server layer does not provision MP Rest Client

  • [WFLY-18727] - ATTRIBUTE granularity distributed sessions should always replicate on setAttribute(…​)

  • [WFLY-18740] - On cache writes, Infinispan store=hotrod throws ISE: Only byte[] instances are supported currently

  • [WFLY-18642] - Reevalute test exclusions in the integration/microprofile module

Component Upgrades
  • [WFLY-18630] - Upgrade Infinispan to 14.0.20.Final

  • [WFLY-18679] - Upgrade jaxbintros from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1

  • [WFLY-18680] - [WildFly 30.x] Upgrade HAL to 3.6.16.Final

  • [WFLY-18685] - Upgrade santuario to 3.0.3 (addresses CVE-2023-44483)

  • [WFLY-18704] - Upgrade Artemis to 2.31.2 (resolves CVE-2023-46604)

  • [WFLY-18713] - Upgrade RESTEasy to 6.2.6.Final

  • [WFLY-18725] - Upgrade WildFly Http Client to 2.0.6.Final

Issues resolved in the WildFly Core update included with WildFly 30.0.1 were:

Component Upgrades
  • [WFCORE-6578] - [CVE-2023-3171] WildFly heap exhaustion via deserialization

  • [WFCORE-6592] - NPE in ThreadFactoryService