WildFly Guides

We have recently published a first collection of guides on the WildFly homepage. You can find the guides in the top-level navigation under Guides. They are divided into different categories. Currently, we have guides for "Get Started", "Observability", "Security", "MicroProfile", and "Automation".

What to expect

The guides address one topic of a specific use case in more detail. Unlike the reference documentation, the guides describe step by step how a specific task can be approached and solved. All guidelines have a common structure, clearly list the prerequisites and provide an estimate of the time required for completing the task.

We need your feedback

We would liek to get your feedback about the guides. Please use the forum or the chat and let us know how you like them.

What’s next?

Expect more guides to come in the next months. If you’re missing a topic or even would like to contribute to the guides, please let us know!