WildFly Project News

Trying Out An Upcoming Security Feature for WildFly on OpenShift

How to deploy a WildFly app on OpenShift using an upcoming feature that introduces the ability to add additional scope values when securing applications using OpenID Connect.

Hosting a React Application on WildFly

Creation of a new project bundling a new React application and hosting it on WildFly.

WildFly - The GitOps Way

In this article, Jeff Mesnil shows how it is possible to leverage the WildFly Maven plugin to handle the configuration and deployment of WildFly separately from the application development in a loose GitOps manner.

How to contribute to WildFly

Welcome to the world of WildFly contributions, a place where your skills can make a real impact! If you’re eager to dive in but not sure where to start, this guide is here to simplify the process for you. Whether you’re new to open source or just getting acquainted with WildFly, we’ve got your back. In the upcoming sections, we’ll walk you through the essential steps, providing insights into the WildFly ecosystem and equipping you...

Vlog: Securing WildFly Apps with Okta on OpenShift

Learn how to secure applications deployed to WildFly on OpenShift with the Okta OpenID provider.

WildFly 31.0.1 is released!

WildFly 31.0.1.Final is now available for download. It’s been about five weeks since the WildFly 31 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 31.0.1. This includes an update to WildFly Preview. The following issues were resolved in 31.0.1: Bugs [WFLY-18700] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory [WFLY-18959] - Mail Quickstart maven dependencies have wrong scope [WFLY-18969] - Give the Apache Lucene module access to jdk.unsupported [WFLY-19010] - SSL Client context not loaded with...

WildFly Mini Conference

The WildFly team organizes a conference. The conference will take place on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. It starts at 14:00 UTC and includes four sessions with topics related to WildFly. All sessions will be streamed live on YouTube. For more information, please take a look at the conference page at https://www.wildfly.org/conference/ We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

WildFly testing with WildFly Glow

This blog post provides information on how to use WildFly Glow to produce a WildFly server in order to test the applications you are developing for WildFly. Note Reading this blog post that provides detailed information on WildFly provisioning in general and WildFly Glow in particular is a good pre-requisite to this blog post. The main goal of the WildFly Glow project is to help you produce a trimmed server that will properly execute your...

Using WildFly Glow to provision a WildFly server for a RESTEasy based project

An introduction to the usage of WildFly Glow to provision a WildFly server for a RESTEasy based project

Vlog: Introduction to WildFly Glow

Learn how to slim your WildFly installations by inspecting your application archives with WildFly Glow.