WildFly Project News

Introduction to working on/with Jakarta EE Specifications for WildFly users

Reasons to get involved with the Jakarta EE Specification teams You are a developer that uses the WildFly (Jakarta EE) application server to create/update applications that meet your users needs. Reason #1 is to participate in developing future Jakarta EE releases. From adding a new feature to a specification, to implementing that new feature. You can also help by adding TCK tests for new features as well. Whether you contribute a small or large amount...

Updates on WildFly Docker Images

In this article, we give an update on changes made to the WildFly Docker images to enhance their capabilities. Thanks to contributions from Henri-Laiho and Kris-Gerhard, we have updated the images to use the JDK images from Eclipse Temurin as their base images. This provides the following highly requested capabilities: Provides multiarch images. The WildFly images now support linux/arm64 in addition to linux/amd64 Supports Long-Term Support (LTS) JDK 11 & 17 Supports the latest non-LTS...

Enabling Integrity on Filesystem realms

An overview of the new support for filesystem realm integrity verification.

WildFly Bootable JAR 8.1 is released!

Bootable JAR Maven plugin 8.1.0 has been released.

Distributed Jakarta Enterprise Bean Timers

A new distributed Jakarta Enterprise Bean TimerService for WildFly

WildFly 27 Final is released!

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce that the new WildFly and WildFly Preview 27.0.0.Final releases are available for download at https://wildfly.org/downloads. Jakarta EE 10 Support For sure the biggest new thing in WildFly 27 is support for Jakarta EE 10. WildFly 27 is a compatible implementation of the EE 10 Platform as well as the Web Profile and the new Core Profile. WildFly is EE 10 compatible when running on both Java SE 11...

What's new for WildFly 27 in the cloud.

WildFly S2I (Source To Image) images In April we announced the new WildFly architecture for the cloud. I strongly encourage you to read that post to get familiar with this new architecture. We have discontinued the release of WildFly s2i centos7 based images starting WildFly 26.1.2. For new features and bug fixes, we are now only releasing UBI8 based JDK11/JDK17 s2i builder and runtime images along with the Galleon wildfly-cloud-galleon-pack. The latest artifacts that form...

Grace Hopper Celebration Recap

A recap of the 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration.

Open Source Day 2022 Recap

A recap of the GHC22 Open Source Day.

Hacktoberfest Has Started

All the details on how to get started, pick an issue to work on, and submit your first PR.