WildFly Project News

Client side default SSL context provider

An overview of the Elytron client default SSL context provider.

WildFly 26.1 is released!

I’m pleased to announce that the WildFly 26.1 Final zip is now available for download. As I discussed in my January WildFly Release Plans for 2022 post, the primary work being done by the WildFly developer community since the start of this year has been aimed toward a feature-boxed WildFly 27 release, with the main targeted feature being Jakarta EE 10 support in standard WildFly. But while WildFly 27 will be feature-boxed and release when...

Vlog: HAL Standalone Mode

This video demonstrates the different ways how to use the WildFly management console.

Vlog: Securing a WildFly Application with OpenID Connect on OpenShift

This video demonstrates how to secure an application deployed to WildFly on OpenShift with OpenID Connect.

Vlog: Introducing the wildfly.org YouTube Channel

This video gives an introduction to WildFly's new YouTube channel.

Vlog: Build and Deploy WildFly Quickstarts on OpenShift

This video demonstrates how to build and deploy a quickstart for WildFly on OpenShift.

WildFly 26.1 Beta S2I images have been released on quay.io

WildFly 26.1 Beta S2I Docker images The WildFly S2I (Source-to-Image) builder and runtime Docker images for WildFly 26.1 Beta have been released on quay.io/wildfly. For complete documentation on how to use these images using S2I, OpenShift and Docker, refer to the WildFly S2I README. Anticipating a future set of WildFly images The quay.io/wildfly/wildfly-centos7 and quay.io/wildfly/wildfly-runtime-centos7 have been deprecated since WildFly 26. When building or running the server, a deprecation notice is displayed in the console....

WildFly 26.1 Beta1 is released!

I’m pleased to announce that the new WildFly and WildFly Preview 26.1.0.Beta1 releases are available for download at https://wildfly.org/downloads. Whilst normally at this point we would be bringing the Beta for the next major release our main branch is being used for active development for the upcoming support of Jakarta EE 10 so we are releasing a minor release in the WildFly 26 stream to bring some new features. Here are the features specifically backported...

Multi-tenancy Support for OpenID Connect Applications

An overview of multi-tenancy support for OpenID Connect applications deployed to WildFly.

WildFly 26.0.1 is released!

WildFly 26.0.1.Final is now available for download. It’s been about four weeks since the WildFly 26 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 26.0.1. This includes an update to WildFly Preview. The full list of issues resolved in WildFly 26.0.1 is available here Enjoy!