WildFly Project News

WildFly Bootable JAR 3.0.0.Beta1 is released!

Bootable JAR Maven plugin 3.0.0.Beta1 has been released. This release brings a new Maven plugin goal to speed-up development.

WildFly MicroProfile GraphQL Feature Pack 1.0.0.Final Released!

I am happy to announce that the first Final build of the GraphQL feature pack has been released! It is fully compatible with MicroProfile GraphQL 1.0 and has been tested with WildFly 20 and 21, JDK 8 and 11. It bundles the latest available version of SmallRye GraphQL, and that is 1.0.17. Client libraries The feature pack now contains the typesafe GraphQL client libraries. They are now installed as WildFly static modules, so deployments using...

WildFly 21.0.1 is released!

WildFly 21.0.1.Final is now available for download. It’s been about a month since the WildFly 21 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 21.0.1. The full list of issues resolved in WildFly 21.0.1 is available here. Issues resolved in the WildFly Core update included with WildFly 21.0.1 are available here. Enjoy!

WildFly 22 Alpha1 is released!

I’m pleased to announce that the WildFly 22 Alpha1 zips are now available for download. This includes the first release of a new 'WildFly Preview' distribution of WildFly, which we’re using to give our community a tech preview look at things we see coming down the road in our main WildFly distribution. Right now this is mostly about what we are doing with Jakarta EE 9, although there are some other differences that I’ll get...